From Blackadder to Bean: A Brief Case Study

I realize, seeing a startling dearth of beards around Milwaukee, that we need to address the topic of man makeup.  Not the eyeliner that our gothy brothers employ.  Not face powder used by talking heads on television.  I’m speaking of the defining accessory for jawlines that is built-in to every man’s face.  Infinitely flexible and naturally tailored, a man’s beard reliably regenerates to help convey a multitude of moods and compliment your mug.  It can highlight strengths or shadow shortcomings.  Let’s take the example of an English engineer named Rowan Atkinson.  

Mr. Bean or Blackadder, which to do you prefer?  At times, Atkinson appears sharp and cunning as Edmund Blackadder.  This aura was clearly projected from the clean lines of his black beard.  And then there’s Mr. Bean.  Great lack of man makeup.  He sure looks hapless, doesn’t he?  Of course he does, he has no beard.  

Also noteworthy, the difference between Blackadder the First and Blackadder the Second.  The first, clean-shaven and hopeless (and the haircut contributes to this, I suppose).  The second, whiskered and noble.  It’s so simple, really.  Have a look.  Think about it, especially if you’re beardless. 

He rides a pitch black steed
Blackadder the Second

Blackadder the First


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