Minnerino: Calling All Follicular Fighters

It’s no Wiscerino, but it’ll do if you’re jonesing for the smell of the moustache wax and the roar of the crowd.  Beards and fake beards alike (see our previous post regarding our policy on falsies) are welcome, according to their website.  It’s the Minnesota Beard-off, scheduled for March 31, 2010.

It appears that you can’t throw your face in the ring for a beard competition unless you’re a Minnesotan, but we haven’t confirmed this with the beardsmen behind this event.  We will say that this has the makings of a bearded border war.  A battle for Paul Bunyan’s beard, perhaps? 

United in Beards

Anyone willing to participate in Wiscerino ’10, stand up and be counted.  We must take up our beards to represent Wisconsin’s whiskered tradition.

 The Minnesota Beard Off will take place the last Wednesday of March, 2010.  8 p.m. in Minneapolis.   Be your beard in the spirit of Paul Bunyan or Prince, cheers to good beardsmanship.


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